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Elementary School Construction Progress

Elementary School Construction Progress

Progress on the elementary school construction project has continued through the summer. With the "Design Development" phase having been completed for all three new schools, they are now in the final phase of design or "Construction Documentation." At this stage building plans are highly detailed and include information about the buildings overall layout, and also the mechanical systems, casework, flooring, construction details, and furniture layout which drill down to specific measurements. 


With these plans being close to final, the project can go out for an "early site package." This package allows initial site work to happen in advance of building construction. A "Guaranteed Maximum Price" (GMP) negotiation for this work is expected to take place towards the end of August. This GMP is where the Construction Manager at Risk agrees to a price for the work in this phase of the project. Once this is finalized, site work can begin.

As designs are finalized, the architectural team has created artistic perspectives for each of the new elementary schools. These colorful images give the community, new students and parents an idea of what the building facades could look like when completed. 


Designs and patterns for each school exemplify one aspect of the Perry community and feature outdoor play areas, new parking lots, drop-off bus loops, a technology-rich media center, community focused spaces like a dedicated gymnasium and student dining, along with state-of-the-art classrooms. The new buildings are organized to meet the needs of the community and Perry students and educators well into the future.

We look forward to a groundbreaking this fall!